I offer many ways to work with individuals, families and organizations in the field of child psychology.

One-off consultation

I offer the opportunity for parents, schools and other professionals working with children to meet with me for one-off consultations in order to gain clarity about a specific child or family’s needs.  Many parents have evaluations completed of their child, but are still unsure of the meaning of the results and lack clarity about what to do next. The purpose of a consultation is to create a plan using existing assessments and evaluations to better understand the family’s needs and to come up with concrete solutions.

School observations and working with schools

Children spend most of their waking lives in school during the academic year, and many of the concerns and challenges that parents have occur there. I offer parents an opportunity for an objective third-eye on the school environment of their child, as well as giving teachers and school administrators opportunities to speak to me about their concerns and ideas. I am also available to support parents and work collaboratively with the school on the child’s behalf to create solutions that will address any challenges.

Professional workshops

I offer workshops on a wide array of children’s learning and mental health issues to schools and other organizations that work with children and adolescents. These workshops include: ADHD, children’s learning difficulties, emotional problems and how think about promoting good mental health.

Parenting workshops

Often, the main topic of conversation around a dinner table will be about the challenges of parenting children. Parents who are interested in consultation and advice about different parenting issues can get together a group of 4 or 5 pairs of parents to have their own private workshop (or series of workshops) aimed at meeting specific interests and age groups.