About Abe Sterne


I am currently working with my good friend and colleague, Joel Gunzburg, in Bethesda (Gunzburg and Associates), and I also maintain a small private practice based in Kemp Mill, in Silver Spring. I previously worked at Family Compass, a group practice based in Reston, Virginia.

I have studied and worked in the field of mental health and clinical work for the last 20 years, with a license to practice clinical psychology in Maryland, Virginia and New York, as well as certification from the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. I trained in the UK as a clinical psychologist at University College London, one of the top programs in the country accredited by the British Psychological Society. I also am registered on the “Notebook of Psychologists” in Israel as a psychologist.

I wanted to be a clinical psychologist since I was a teenager and picked up my first book in the field (the classic “I’m OK You’re OK” by Dr. Tom Harris) while wandering around Foyle’s Bookstore on Tottenham Court Road in London. I have a PhD from the University of Cambridge in the field of literacy and language development. I also have Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University College London, and my thesis subject was about shame in adolescents.

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