Evaluations & Testing

All parents worry about their children at some point. It could be about learning issues at school. Or it may be about social challenges with their peers. It could also be about emotional difficulties in response to a situation or event.

Approximately 10% children will have such difficulties that significantly adversely impact their lives at school, at home and in their communities.

An evaluation is an important way to understand the quality and intensity of learning, social and emotional challenges. To know the underlying causes is to begin to understand how to help children overcome their difficulties.

A neuropsychological evaluation provides information to parents about their child's current strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to use that cognitive and emotional profile to implement appropriate interventions for home and school. Using standardized and widely recognized tools, my main objective is to do evaluation that provider parents clearer understanding of child’s abilities and challenges.

The kinds of challenges that can benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation include: ADHD, Reading Difficulties (including dyslexia), Autistic Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s and social communication difficulties), Language Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Problems, Conduct Problems and other Emotional Difficulties.