Some children and families may need ongoing counseling support to address specific issues, including emotional or social difficulties or for strategically thinking about and planning for learning challenges. My expectation of the counseling process is that it needs to be a genuinely collaborative process in which we work closely together to develop the solutions that work for you and your child.

Typically, I will work with parents and their children offering flexible options that best meet the individual needs of a child and/or their family.  I offer brief interventions that are often less than 12 sessions and tend to have specific goals (e.g., phobias about dogs, or low level anxiety). Occasionally for those children and families that want longer less goal-oriented and more open therapeutic encounters, I offer more long-term counseling.

Counseling generally occurs once a week for less than an hour. I tend to focus on interventions that involve the family (usually the parents) so that they are able to continue the work of sessions into their daily lives and routines. When working individually with children under the age of 12, I also meet regularly with parents to review progress and discuss any issues and concerns about their child.