I do not accept insurance, but the receipts that I provide you will have sufficient information that you can use to try and receive some reimbursement from your health insurance company. Typically, insurance companies will need a diagnostic code, even before an evaluation is completed.


Below is a list of the typical activities and their associated CPT (current procedural terminology) codes that I use with the associated fee cost. Check with your insurance company if you need pre-authorization, especially for neuropsychological evaluations.

Activity                                                                                 Fee          Note

Intake (90791)                                                                   $275    Typically 1 unit in an neuropsych. eval. 

Individual Therapy (90834)                                           $195

Parent Work (family therapy) (90846/90847)         $195

Child Observation (part of assessment) (90834)      $195

Testing/Scoring/Report Prep (96118)                             $200  Typically 12 units in a neuropsych., eval

Feedback session to parents (90847)                           $195     Typically 1 unit in an neuropsych. eval. 

School visits (90882)                                                       $195     Minimum of 2 units (including travel time)

Home visits (90837)                                                         $195     Minimum of 2 units (including travel time)

The typical cost for a basic neuropsychological evaluation is $3200. 

A unit is typically 50-60 minutes.




If you have any questions, then please contact me through my contact form.